1 goddamn
2 animals
3 girl/bird song
4 unstrung
5 intermission
6 cold turkey cock wash
7 narrative
8 low
9 duet
10 finale

:: This is the studio version of the one-night-only elaborate multi-media performance at the Ethnic Cultural Theater on May 18, 1996. The show featured 5 excellent musicians: Tracy Goodsmith (acoustic guitars, clarinet, vocals, ratchets), Todd Van Selus (electric bass, piano, bicycle spoke), Mo Faulker (upright double bass, shakers, djembe), Jane Hall (djembe, snare, ashiko, bottles, rattlers, bells, Altoid Tin), and Matt Hanna (electric guitar, juice harp, harmonica, sock puppet). Diverse genres inspired this collection of music. Chromatic speed plucking and drum solos underscore spoken word prose on "Goddamn". Indian sitars inspire gypsy grooves while Todd dismantles a piano for "Unstrung". Matt recites an ancient Italian fairy tale over the new folk of "Narrative". Goodsmith and Faulkner weave a cello and guitar into a flamenco dirge on "Duet". The climactic "Finale" brings Goodsmith out on clarinet to conclude this ambitious and eclectic disk. Features guest vocal appearance by Melissa Dow on "Girl/Bird Song".

Released in 2003 ::