1 shake it till you break it
2 tits up
3 go to the video
4 fat chance
5 resurectify
6 van hoot
7 quickie
8 d.i.y.f.u.
9 allright allright
10 deep pockets

:: The funk, the whole funk and nothing but the funk. Raunchy guitars, pumping bass, growling synths and popping beats. This is the blow-out. Dug deep to push funk places it's never been. Every trick in the book: CB raps, baffling time sigs, party samples, funky flutes, screaming O's, thrash solos, roof raisers and ball busters. Guest appearances by the infamous Josh Judd (backing vocals on the gritty "Fat Chance"), Dennis Rhodes (Hammond flourishes on the feel good song of the year, "Resurectify") and Todd VanSelus (electric bass on the stroke inducing "Allright Allright" and upright double bass on the worm hole driven "Go To The Video").

Released in 2003 ::