01 jack
02 6 7 jimmy
03 too easy
04 junk
05 caramel
06 bullfrog
07 gonzo
08 coma
09 rotating leslie

:: CHP comes back for the knockout. Todd Van Selus again holds down the bass and the talented Leslie Atkins commands the Hammond, Rhodes, Whirly and Clav. The Leslisaur (so named because she's so coordinated, she must have more than one brain, like a dinosaur) puts her best foot forward on "Gonzo", her nightclub jazz masterpiece that butters your soul until Todd and Tracy get their dirty thumbs on it. (Find a clip of this track at Also on deck, Josh Greegor blows his horn on "Caramel", the atonal rag-funk that keeps 'em guessing. Hot spot: the sleeper hit "Junk", where Sanford and Son battle Michael Knight and KITT in a washing machine.

Released in 2001 ::