01 electric
02 hussy
03 x ray
04 sucka
05 what it is
06 butterfly
07 king tut
08 funk stars
09 juicy
10 extra

:: We are funk stars. This is the porno-funk debut. Todd Van Selus rocks the bass. Laura Veirs wanks the wah wah on the happy-go-horny "Juicy", the dark soul of "Butterfly", the billy goat grooves of "Customize", and the saucy and sadistic "Electric". Leslie Atkins adds her Hammond expertise on "Electric" and comes back for more on the 4th dimension beats of "X-Ray" . And don't forget the runaway smash "Hussy" with the funkiest licks since your sticky lips. Whether it's dropping spike strips on the 405 or beating the hell out of a perp smuggling moonshine, California Highway Patrol keeps the highways safe for democracy.

Released in 1999 ::